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What is in it for my organization?

To ensure that the research findings are helpful for your organisation’s development, our research team at Utrecht University (ranked #1 in the Netherlands) will produce a tailor made complimentary  benchmarking report.  The report will compare your organisation with others from the same sector across Europe on:

1. Investments in sustainable workforce policies, such as:

  • training,
  • work life flexibility,
  • health arrangements,
  • older worker employability


2. Returns on these investments in terms of:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Organisational commitment
  •  Work-life balance


The report will provide the unique opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of your HR policies and give the basis for making strategic decisions about these investments. The report will be provided free of charge in return for your organisation’s participation in the project.


Limited places available - we are in contact with over a hundred organisations in each country and, with only 36 places available in each country, it is important to confirm your participation as soon as possible. 


Moreover, at the end of the data collection we organize in each country a national seminar in which we present the outcomes of the project and hands-on recommendations to maintain a sustainable workforce. All HR-managers of the participating organization will be invited for this seminar.