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Why should my organization participate?

Sustainable Workforce is an innovative scientific research project. For the first time, organizations, managers and employees from nine european countries are questionned within a single study. The project produces unique knowledge and best practices on how to achieve and maintain a sustainable workforce.


Not only the academic community will benefit from our results, also work organizations, employers, union representatives, governments, and policymakers at EU level belong to our target group.


Questions that can be answered after the research are for example: Which types of organizations invest in training programs of older employees, and why? Are the employees of organizations that tolerate flexible starting and finishing times more productive? What do investments in work-family arrangements yield for the organization in terms of job satisfaction and work-family balance of their employees?


Each organization counts

To get a complete and reliable picture of the causes and consequences of organizational investments in a sustainable workforce, it is important that as many organizations as possible participate. Organizations are very diverse: they differ in size, occupational sector, the percentage of women in the workforce, the management culture, production activities, and so on. It is therefore important that all these characteristics are captured in our research. If some organizations do not participate it harms the representativeness of the study and the results might become less reliable.