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14-06-18 | Conference: Day of Sociology in Rotterdam

On June 14th, the annual Day of Sociology was organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Several Sustainable Workforce team members were present to showcase their recent work. The diversity of the SW-data was clearly visible in the wide variety of topics under study: job preferences and opportunities, productivity, family leave policies and training participation.


The paper by Zoltán Lippényi and Tanja van der Lippe, ‘Who wants a temporary job? analysed why different types of employees prefer different types of job conditions. Jelle Lössbroek’s presentation ‘Helpful policies and hurtful ageism’ delved into whether personnel policies for older workers contribute to prolonged productive working lives and the role of age discrimination in this process. The work by Nikki van Gerwen, ‘When do investments in training benefit cooperative behavior?’ disentangled whether benefits for an individual employee also benefit their team. Additionally, Margriet van Hek explained the consequences of female leadership in ‘Do female managers improve women’s job opportunities?’ The study by, among others, Leonie van Breeschoten and Katia Begall ,‘The use of family leave policies’, elaborated on why employees sometimes choose not to use family leave policies that are available to them in her presentation. The latter also presented ‘Catching them young’, on the intergenerational transmission of the division of household tasks.