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15-05-18 | Research note: Personnel policies for 50+ workers across the EU

What are the most commonly chosen personnel policies by organizations to deal with an ageing workforce? In his research note ‘Personnel policies for older workers across the European Union: An overview’, Jelle Lössbroek answers this question. The research note assesses which 50+ personnel policies are most frequently implemented by organizations by combining existing data sources that jointly cover 22 European Union member states. Naturally, data from the European Sustainable Workforce Survey was also included.



As can be seen in this figure, companies use a multitude of different policies. The two most frequently implemented policies are a strategy of mixed-age teams, and additional leave for workers over a certain age. Demotion, which is often seen as a highly controversial policy, is understandably among the rarest measures. The full research note can be found here.


If you would like to read more about why different companies make different choices in their implementation of 50+ policies than others, you may be interested in the article Understanding old-age adaptation policies, which was published by Jelle Lössbroek and his co-authors in 2017.