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19-12-16 | How older workers help creating more sustainable organizations

The American nonprofit The Bridgespan Group published in June 2016 three ways of how older workers can contribute to the nonprofit sector and form sustainable organizations.


Next to talented young Millennials the 50- to 70-year-olds form a new life stage that should not be overlooked. Their expertise and diversity of high-level experience can be essential for organizations.


Three advantages are presented and discussed:

Knowledge about how to grow a business
Knowing how to manage talent and develop employees
Having market-ready skills to fill immediately gaps


If you want to find out more about professionals who chose to use their expertise and skills to create a nonprofit organization which is more sustainable and what they are telling about the key to success, you can read the full article here. We are excited to see if our researcher Jelle Lössbroek got similar results about older employees in the for-profit sector.