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2-2-18 | Academic article published: Reasons to Reduce

Leonie van Breeschoten, Anne Roeters and Tanja van der Lippe just published their article "Reasons to Reduce: A Vignette-Experiment Examining Men and Women’s Considerations to Scale Back Following Childbirth" in Social Politics. 


In this article they examine which considerations Dutch, Swedish and English men and women find most important when deciding whether or not to scale back following childbirth. They find that men especially pay attention to who earns more, they or their partner, and to whether they expect scaling back to be bad for their career. Women also pay attention to their income relative to their partner's, and to whether they experience collegial support. Lastly it was found that Swedes express more counter-gender-normative behavior than their Dutch and British counterparts. 


The entire article can be read here.