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22-08-18 | Academic article published: Teaching older workers new tricks

22-08-18  | Academic article published: Teaching older workers new tricks


In August 2018, Jelle Lössbroek (Sustainable Workforce) and Jonas Radl (Universidad Carlos III Madrid) published an article in Ageing & Society. The full title is: Teaching older workers new tricks. Workplace practices and gender training differences in nine European countries.


This article analyses whether female or male older workers (50+) more often participate in training, and why. Older women work more often for organisations in which the average training participation is higher, but within these organisations, older men use training more frequently. This concerns both on-the-job training and larger educational programs, such as a master's degree. As shown in the figure below, participation in these programs is comparable, but women more frequently pay for it themselves, whereas men more frequently get everything refunded by their organization.


The authors also studied age discrimination: employees with an ageist department manager are less likely to participate in training. Strikingly, especially older women are hindered by such ageism. Finally, the gender of the manager is also considered: having a female manager is beneficial for older workers' training participation, but only for older men.


The entire article can be read here.