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23-11-16 | Better Work-Life Balance in Military Section

NPR (National Public Radio) recently published a podcast about which options the US military offers their members to retain parents and create a better work-life balance.


Jobs with long working hours, deployments abroad and limited vacation time are difficult to combine with families and private life. Therefore the US military tries to improve a better work-life balance for their members to make jobs more attractive and retain people with families, family wishes, study plans or the ones who desire a longer period off for travelling.

The Career Intermission Program allows a break from one to three years for service members without losing benefits or having disadvantages coming back to their position afterwards. The military is even continues paying a small percentage of their usual salary.

Nevertheless there are some difficulties to get the program running successfully as the participant numbers are still small. Low income during this time as well as commanders who keep their members off the program are discouraging to try this option. However, the goal of the program is to give them an option to take time off when they need it to keep them in the long term.


In our sustainable workforce project Leonie van Breeschoten is researching the investments of organizations in work-family policies. We are excited to see her first results of what other organizations offer to retain their employees with families.


To listen to the podcast on which options the US military offers for a better work-life balance and what the opportunities and challenges are, click here.