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5-9-17 | Sustainable Workforce presented at ECSR conference in Milan

From 31st of August until 2nd of September the ECSR conference was waking place at Bocconi University in Milan and two of our researchers were presenting their results.


Jelle Lössbroek gave a presentation entitled “Teaching older workers new tricks” about the training opportunities of older workers and the gender differences therein.

Leonie held a presentation on “How organizational family leave policies make us work harder” in which she discussed how the availability and use of extra long or better paid maternity, paternity or parental leave policies affect employee performance. In addition, she presented a poster “Reducing work-family conflict by working part-time: Does supervisory support matter?”


The ECSR Conference was a great chance to meet researchers from all over Europe who work on related topics, and present some (early) results of the Sustainable Workforce Survey to the scientific community.