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New challenges with regard to the combination of work and care in the future

SERmagazine, no 10, October 2014


Work and family life are increasingly intertwined. The use of flexible working hours makes existing boundaries between work and family life become less clear. In addition, recent ICT developments such as telecommuting, virtual offices, as well as the increased use of mobile devices bestow upon us the feeling that work is never finished. Meanwhile, we also still have to prepare dinner, spend quality time with our kids, and work out at the gym. Dual-earner families in particular have become busier nowadays, argues Tanja van der Lippe, Professor of Household and Employment Relations at  the Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

The Dutch are less busy than they think!

Nevertheless, in reality the balance between work and family is not as distorted as we often think it is. Van der Lippe: 'There is a large difference between actually being busy and the feeling of being busy. In comparison to citizens of other European countries, the Dutch spend on average the least time on work and caretaking tasks. We have the time to go on holidays most often!'













SERmagazine is a journal issued by the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER). SER is an advisory and consultative body of employers' representatives, union representatives and independent experts. The SER aims to help create social consensus on national and international socio-economic issues.


You can find the pdf version of the original article here (available only in Dutch).