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Jannes ten Berge

Jannes ten Berge is working as a PhD Candidate at the Department of Sociology and the Interuniversity Centre of for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In 2015 he graduated from the Research master Sociology and Social Research. In his master thesis, he studied the relation between interethnic contact and prejudice at high-schools in the Netherlands.


His current research focuses on the effects of technology implementation within enterprises on work and employees. Using large scale Dutch matched employer-employee data including over 32,000 enterprises and over 3 million employees, he examines how technological change within enterprises relates to job ending among employees, wages, and changes in the composition of enterprises with regard to the level of education, organizational tenure and age of employees. Furthermore, his research aims to clarify how workers are differently affected by technology implementation depending on their skill characteristics associated with education, organizational tenure and age.  

Jannes ten Berge


PhD student
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