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Prof. Siyka Kovacheva

Siyka Kovacheva is our research partner in Bulgaria. 


Siyka is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is a researcher and teaching professor with a significant experience in the social transformation of Bulgarian society, youth and family policies. She also acts as the Head of the New Europe Centre for Regional Studies in Plovdiv which specialised in policy oriented research and consultancy. She has been the national coordinator of more than 10 international comparative studies of the European Commission and other international foundations. Her interests lie in the field of youth transitions to parenthood and intergenerational relations, policy programmes and measures in support of the young unemployed, and social inclusion more broadly. She has also published on the changes of work and family, work-life balance and organisational social capital.

Prof. Siyka Kovacheva


University of Plovdiv
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