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So I was just wondering how this will affect my chances for a bid? Should I keep it to myself, or should I be upfront about it right from the start?

Greek gay chat

If my gayness might discourage a fraternity from getting to know me, what greek gay chat I do to make up for it? Would endowments help or would they be seen merely as economic arrogance? Or is it hopeless, and should I just not even waste my time, and vhat apply to some university up north?

Basically, I need any and all advice you greek gay chat can give me about entering the [southern] Greek system as a gay man. Sorry for all the questions. Some of them might be stupid.

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Thanks in advance for any help, advice, or suggestions you might greek gay chat able to give. Make sure you transfer somewhere where you'd be happy regardless of whether you go Greek or not. This applies to everyone, really. In other words, don't go to a Northern school solely because you think your chances of being Greek are better.

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I agree that you don't want to be like, "Hi, I'm Chratos and I'm gay," right away when you get to rush parties, because you are greek gay chat much more than your sexuality and you want chapters to see that before telling them. Because you are not "flamboyant" and because you're transferring, it might not come up in conversation, and brothers of the chapters might not figure free chat no registration in rapet out.

Greek gay chat

That said, I do think chapter members should know sometime before greek gay chat you a bid, that way you know that your orientation is not a problem. I'm sure you can gauge the right timing and way to casually mention it without making teens chat seem like that is your defining characteristic.

In other words, let them get to know you first, but do tell them.

Greek gay chat

I went to Maryland, and our chapters are arabic chat rooms diverse. This applies to race, religion, socioeconomic status, and among fraternities, sexual orientation. I would tend to think of gifts to the chapters as economic arrogance, and greek gay chat to buy a bid, but I'm a yankee sorority woman, so perhaps Southern fraternity men will fhat in on that Good luck to you!

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I don't know if this is more common everywhere, but I think it has to do with the [sad] fact that fraternities and greek gay chat care about what the opposite sex GLOs on their campus think of them. In the eyes of sororities, bidding a gay man won't hurt a fraternity's "status", but fraternities don't want to mix with a chapter labeled as the "lesbian chapter". Chat with sex butler my theory.

Greek gay chat

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