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Some thought my project was interesting enough to tweet about: Some responded—with a looking to experiment via text of anachronism that feels strangely appropriate—by including hashtags in their expdriment Cristina Vanko Some even replicated "ye" Olde English vibes I was putting out there: Cristina Vanko Sometimes I didn't have my pen or paper handy: Cristina Vanko My friends asked some good questions: Some sex love chat online gaths mine them even texted back in their own handwriting: Cristina Vanko That week, the sense of urgency I normally felt about my phone virtually vanished.

Looking to experiment via text

It was like back when texts were rationed, and when I lacked anxiety about viewing "read" receipts. So while the experiment began as an exercise to learn calligraphy, it doubled as a useful sort of digital detox that revealed my relationship with technology.

Here's what I learned: Receiving handwritten messages made people feel special. The awesome feeling of receiving personalized mail really lookinng be replicated with a handwritten text.

Looking to experiment via text

Handwriting allows for more self-expression. I found I could give words a certain flourish to mimic the intonation of spoken language. Expressing myself via handwriting could also give the illusion experimet real-time presence.

I wasn't able to convey emoticons as neatly as the cleanliness of a typeface. Sketching emojis is too time consuming.

To bridge the gap between time and the need for graphic imagery, I sent out selfies on special occasions when my facial expression spoke louder than words. Sometimes you don't need to respond.

Looking to experiment via text

I was more in tune with my surroundings. A phone isn't only a texting device. I still chat rooms in australia photos, streamed music, and logged workouts since I felt okay with pressing buttons for selection purposes, but Experriment tried to avoid social media to resist publishing via keyboard.

Looking to experiment via text

Texting brings about a less intimidating, more convenient experience. It's clear to me that, these days, people prefer to be warned about an upcoming phone call before it comes in. Having a pen and paper is handy at all times.

Looking to experiment via text

Writing out responses is a great fia to slow down and use your hands. For me, the connection between the hand and mind allows written language to flow easier. My sent messages were more thoughtful.

I was more careful with grammar and spelling. People often ignore the rules of grammar and spelling moms chat to maintain the pace of texting conversation. But because a typical calligraphic text took minutes to craft, I had time to make sure I got things right.

The usual texting acronyms and misspellings look absurd when texted with type, but they'd be african american aldershot seeking ridiculous written by hand. After my experiment ended, I returned to keyboard texting like normal. I send calligraphic messages to friends for special occasions—to extend a bit of myself when I cannot be there in person.

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