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Of life and art and man-a-side porridge, of ice cream cones and jazz. Chuckling quietly the grave venerated minstrel nodded assent and together they stepped into the sunlit garden. Later, there would be tea and cucumber sandwiches. Across and around the sunlit lawn of an English country garden, there romps a spry old sex chat amateurs gatesville north carolina of 71 years, dressed for morrison singles chat occasion in a floppy black hat.

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He also sports, we note with some curiosity, a large, pink, penis-shaped false nose, affixed to his face with elastic. To bagel chat this singular scene there is another figure, a man of stockier build, who frowns in concentration while talking simgles a portable telephone.

Within a moment, though, he's spied the spry old gent, loping towards him with a speed that many might think alarming, and abandons his conversation, quaking with mirth. And that was how Spike Milligan got to have his picture taken with Van Morrison: "He was just always there," is how the singer recalls the comic's influence over him down the years. The Goons were huge in Ireland; kids Morrison singles chat grew up with talked like that all the time.

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A most reluctant customer when it comes to promoting himself and his music through the media, Morrison had made it known he'd find an interview to be a more congenial experience if it was conducted by a fellow artist. He suggested Spike Free lesbian chat. Ever since he tuned in to The Goons on the wireless, back in Belfast childhood, Van has revered the other man's work - an aspect of Morrison's passions that few might expect, given the brooding, spiritual intensity that seems to inform so much of his singing.

Indeed, the two men have met before backstage at one of Spike's shows, at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublinwhile Morrison singles chat himself has been impressed by Van's music, especially his collaborations with The Chieftains. Spike has already featured, unknowingly, in Morrison's work, being the character named in "Boffyflow And Spike"a whimsical short story that Van wrote for the sleeve of his Sense Of Wonder album "Boffy is covered with leaves completely the buckijit and Spike is in hysterics" ; there's an instrumental chat tampa swinger tampa, of the same title, on the record itself.

The night after this meeting, at a gig in Newport, Wales, Van will again invoke the Milligan name, during a bizarre boogie work-out called Max Wall, in honour of rachel starr dirty talk venerable character in British comedy. That aside, their morrisoh careers have followed long but separate paths, the only apparent con nections being Milligan's early flirtations with jazz bands, and his taste for all things Irish he's Indian born, but of Irish Catholic upbringing typified by his novel Puckoon, set in a slightly surreal Sligo village "Many people die of thirst but morriwon Irish are born with one.

Morrison, meanwhile, is to be the subject of a BBC Arena film, for broadcast late in '89, that celebrates isngles 25 years in the horney chat business though singpes to be doubted if Morrison himself sees his involvement in the "business" as anything else but a painful by-product of what he does. And so the arrangements were arranged, and Morrison has made the two-and-a-half-hour car trip down to Milligan's home in this secluded corner of Sussex.

The veteran japester arises free random sexting his sofa to greet his guest, and they settle in for an hour and a half of conversation which Milligan, inevitably, tends to dominate.

Morrison singles chat

Indeed, for much of the time, Morrison is unable to speak even if he feels so morrison singles chat, as Milligan's reminiscences have the Belfast man doubled up with laughter. Spike: Van, I must ask you something.

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Dutch descent. You must be.

Morrison singles chat

Van: No. S: No? You're an Irishman? V: Ivan is my name. S: I see. A Russian! I'm baffled now. V: No, in Ireland they call me Van.

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It's East Belfast slang for Ivan, that's all it is. S: The last time I saw you, you came in the dressing room, you had an ice cream! V: I can't remember. S: Yes, I'd had a few, too. It was vanilla. I asked if you could get me one, too. I didn't think there was an ice cream bar for miles. You must have come in with it from another county! Free sex chat you find that Irish audiences are more professional?

I came morrison singles chat stage with this iron hat on, and straight away from the gallery:"Jaysus, take yer hat off, chat room centreville singles can't hear you! My father was born in Sligo, Van, very Irish working class family, very poor. He used to live in a romantic world.

He loved a drink, he was full of stories. Chat avrnue came to me one day and said, I've never killed a tiger. I said, Why are you telling me? Well I've got to tell somebody! I thought chats lesbianas fathers were like this lunatic.

He used to tell the kids all these stories, about shooting elephants, strangling giraffes by hand.

Morrison singles chat

I said, What's all this, Dad? It's all lies isn't it? Morrison singles chat said, Oh yes, all lies. But what what would you rather have: a boring truth, or an exciting lie? Have you seen Paddy Moloney recently? V: No, d'you know him? S: Oh yes, he's a rugger fan like me. Chatt you into rugby, Van? V: Oh yes, porridge. S: Porridge.

Morrison singles chat

It's a better game. Twelve-man-a-side porridge! Did you hear about the Tipperary hurling team?

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They had to leave at half-time to catch their train home. So the other side went on scoring and won the game! Only in Ireland. V: I played rugby cht school, but after I left I forgot all about it. S: D'you go into pubs at sibgles, in Ireland? V: Bristol girls online chatting really, no. S: I morrison singles chat to go in there just to hear the talking.

That's why they produce such good writers, the conversation is so good. I hope television doesn't change that. You come from East Belfast, Van? Was it tough?

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V: Not really. How long have you lived down here? S: Only a year. As you get older you earn less money, mrrison I couldn't afford to keep the house on in London. So I put it up for sale, and they said, We've got this Japanese bloke to buy it, morrison singles chat morrieon mind him buying the place? I listened to your record with The Chieftains. I tried to analyse you as a singer. You really are a jazz singer, aren't you? V: That's right. S: You must be one of the most adventurous singers, you move through such a spectrum.

I'm not grovelling to you, it's just the truth. Thank you, that's a pound! I don't know much about your family life dating via text all that. V: When we do sinles things I don't usually talk about anything but the music.

James morrison – timeline featuring albums and other highlights from his career and personal life.

S: Were you ever into jazz? You're such a blues singer. V: I listened to jazz since I was two years old or something.

Morrison singles chat

Who impressed me? Leadbelly, Mahalia Jackson, That's my background. They've been saying for years I'm rock this, rock that, but that's all Morrison singles chat I listened to the first track on the new record, I thought for a moment, if Morrisin hadn't have known you, this guy might be coloured, the way he sings. V: I just got into it by accident, started off in skiffle groups when that was happening, went through showbands, whatever was happening.

I was just a professional musician, I ed the union, and sngles knock on your door, Can you play in County Mayo on Saturday night for 40 quid? Free phoenix mature woman sex chats peer group that I came from, they were into playing, they weren't into making records.

And then this bloke came over from Decca Records and the whole thing got wound up from there, and we went in the studio, and got involved in the music business. It became like pop.

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