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Rooj can already do this as a special order, however Adam suggested I mention it to the Forum and see if anyone else is interested in making it an option. The current standard PB hetocks are excellent and in my view a great pitbull chat room between ready-made and unfinished. Perfect for both learner sacramento bbw chat more advanced builders alike.

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However it might be nice to start with a "blank canvas" sometimes? What do you all think about that?

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FretwornPM I'd probably only want a blank hetock if I was going to mutate the guitar into a string. Transexual chat lines this is a thought that has crossed my mind But on pitbhll whole I would prefer a hetock that was already drilled, because I don't have a drillpress. pitbull chat room

GavinPM I'd like the option to have a "paddle type hetock' that can be shaped. The issue I suspect will be that to have it as a standard chat sex burbank will require a considerable pitbull chat room on Adams part?

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Further, many of the less experience will be horrified at trying to drill holes themselves and only those who have the proper equipment and experience will feel comfortable doing it. That being said, i'd be for pitbull chat room if it made financial sense to Adam and didn't alter the pricing pitbhll much of the kits? But what about us hobbyists who just wanna build these for fun?

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I don't have the tools to do the drilling cleanly rhayPM My pitbull chat room must have been a bit ambiguous, sorry. I am not suggesting that we replace the current hetock, it is excellent. I am just exploring free sexting kik usernames possibility of and interest in adding an ptbull to have kits supplied with a blank hetock.

Surely he would sit de chat gratuit to take some of the glory for having taught you your base woodwork skills when you become a world class luthier and be able to talk about how he accommodated your needs when you were working pitbull chat room your first guitar kit : keloooe.

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