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Instagram By Kaitlyn Wylde Sep.

Along with changing the color of the chats, you can also turn on rainbow chat mode" to disappear conversations, use selfie stickers, and more. Under Chat Settings, you'll see Theme.

Tap this and scroll sex chat 08033 a selection of colors and combinations to immediately change the way your messages look. The default theme that you've already been using is a mix of purples and rainbow chat that you can always return to.

But the basic blue bubble is so yesterday. You can change your custom theme as many times as you want, and the other people in the conversation will see the changes reflected not only rainbow chat your most recent messages but also the message history.

Rainbow chat

Instagram The theme you pick for one conversation will not affect the themes of others, so you can also use themes to organize your chats. Or use color themes to rainbow chat your mood. There are no rules.

Rainbow chat

Instagram is testing the features in select countries, rolling out globally soon, so if you don't see the option after updating your app, rainbow chat patient — you'll get access to the whole rainbow of chat themes soon.

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