Sexting but may lead to more I Am Look Sex



IU study finds despite expectations of privacy, one in four share sexts IU study finds despite expectations of privacy, one in four share sexts Aug. It was recently published in the journal Sexual Health online. Sexting was defined as the transmission of sexual images and messages via cell phone mat other electronic device.

Sexting but may lead to more

Of those surveyed, 21 percent, or nearly one in five people, reported sending sext messages, and 28 percent reported receiving sexually explicit text messages. Furthermore, 16 percent reported sending sexual photos sextint more than 23 percent reported receiving sexual photos. The study wv chats found that most sexting happens between couples already in an mmay relationship, and of those who sent messages, 66 percent of men and 78 percent of women did so to flirt with a relationship partner.

The study also found that sexting is more prominent among younger respondents -- and men were 1. When it comes to expectations regarding maintaining privacy when sending and receiving sexual messages and images, the study found sextinh 73 percent of participants reported discomfort with the unauthorized sharing of sexts beyond the intended recipients.

However, of those who received sext photos, 23 percent reported sexging them with others. Further, those who received sexts and shared them with others did so with an average of more than three friends. Is it just bad taste?

Is it criminal? Most participants, between 60 and 74 maay, reported that they believe sexting could hurt their reputation, career, self-esteem, or current relationships or friendships.

Sexting but may lead to more

The study also found that women were more likely to be upset with sharing than men. And men were nearly twice as likely as women to share with others.

Lots of sexting can wreck a romance

mode Garcia said that with the continual leakage of private information in the U. But the real risk is not the sending of sexual messages and images per se, but rather the nonconsensual distribution of those materials to other parties.

Sexting but may lead to more

Data from the study was drawn from the Singles in America studysponsored by Match.

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