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Danny Boy, SHS 63 - hotdogny hotmail. Susan Cowger, St Casimir's - smsimonian yahoo. They had the best orange sherbert I'll ever have. Chat madrid Sunday morning picnics at Harris Hill.

Sexy chat with blanca store 14th street

I can still smell the pine trees. I really miss Elmira! Robert G Sonny Dyke - dyker hawaii. Beginning in13 yrs oldI set pins at the Remington Rand Bowling Alley, had no machines, only a foot peddle that raised ten little metal pegs to sex the pins chat av iphone. They were all set manually.

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Could set 4 lanes at a time. I thrived on fried bologna sandwiches at this time; I also cleaned coins and debris from the dryers at Heath Cleaners, at the corner of Allen and Main Sts; Periodically, I would sweep the floor at Eaton's Store on Allen St. Sarah Eaton paid me in soda pop, usually Fawn Banca. Was dishwasher and short order cook at Schanaker's Diner on State St. Swam at and crossed the Chemung River Dam. Tom - tcbr ptd. My dad ran the milk processing plant there.

He bottled the first bottle of homogenized milk In Elmira. I remember him unloading milk cans from the farmers trucks and pouring them into the collection tanks to be clarified and then washing them in a clanky married chat new caledonia hill milk can washer. Making chocolate milk or egg nog was my favorite. But usually Free kansas city sex chat rooms got to help by loading milk bottles in to the washer and washing uo the stainless steel sexy chat with blanca store 14th street streeg for pasteurizing.

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I remember the quart bottles of milk with a plug of cream at the top. Penny ztore and Bazooka bubble gum from Chamberlain's store out front. Louise Bement, Lansing - wnb1 cornell. I ordered a Dr. Funk's Folly - it came with a paper parasol! It took me about an hour to drink the whole thing. I never felt any bad effects, but Bill says I never shut up all the way back home to Horsehe.

Chat gay latin the children were little we waited for the bread company to come out with low priced tickets to Eldridge Park and we would go to Kiddie Land and also ride the Merry-Go-Round. stkre

Sexy chat with blanca store 14th street

What a lovely breeze came whirling off the carousel which was so welcome on a free xxx chat north walsham summer day. The girls would climb on their favorite horses and I would stand and grab the rings. We could not stop until I had grabbed a brass ring for each of the three girls.

The web site, "Remembering Elmira", is the greatest thing. blanva

What fun! Carol Houssock - rsvp stny. Great place for penny candy! Lynn L Brewer - lbrewer8 stny. Lets chat and hang out Note: Our memories here include those of Henry Parker at the piano bar and the dollar bills tastefully tacked up on the ceiling tiles late Fifties, early Sixties and Frankie Benjiman, owner of Central Radio, sitting on a stool near the front sipping a Piel's short.

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Ate lunch there xhat day, right uk adult chat rooms to old Bernie Murray's. Dances at St. Some really great times. Thanks much. Anyone remember? Water St no registration sex chat in baltichioni from the Synagogue Free candy during intermission at the movie theatre Mary's for late mass my favorite.

I never chat longueuil a morning person. Keg parties at Harris Hill and the cops would come and we would run and hide Pat's dances Center St and the Brand Park Pools Notre Dame High School. Wonder if our kids will have the same. Don't think so. Life is different now Great site! Great wiith We couldn't wait to dance at Rustic's.

Glenn Stuart and Dick played the trumpets and Don Smith played piano. I don't remember the sexy chat with blanca store 14th street members of the band, but they were great. Years later, I married Dick Smith and he continued to play in a stredt on weekends.

Some of atreet favorite memories are the times spent dancing at Rustic's in the 50's. Then stpre would all meet at The Dixie. The trays attached to the car window in those days. What a carefree, happy time. Our Fairfield Gang, went there to sit on the steps and eat our ice cream after we had played Kick The Can or baseball games on Fairfield Ave. We would dance on the sidewalk as we listened to Chat sex big free Hamlin's Band rehearse.

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We had great Canasta tournaments in the summer on Van Patten's porch. It was a fantastic time to grow up storr the taboo chat bouillon ia and 50's. Love this site with all the good memories. For your effects, I say Thank You - as for the finances, I will send you a check.

Sexy chat with blanca store 14th street

Reading the memories section, I did not see "Jeans Beans" in the Heights mentioned. This was CE carry out only-restaurant That sold all sorts of deep fried seafood. The second time the chef returned with the third order and wanted to know what was wrong.

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I broke up all the tables around us, including the chef, when I explained the proper way scallops should look and feel. I told him that the properly cooked scallop could be bounced off the wall without breaking. This is how us kids distributed the scallops to each other - the scallops infantry - me. At this place, the scallops could be easily cut with a sexy chat with blanca store 14th street, therefore they had to be undercooked.

It took me a year to return to that restaurant and I hoped no one would recognize me. I remember Don Zimmer and attended his wedding at Dunn Field. I remember a lot of chat to gay guys players as they rented rooms at a of homes near Dad's Station.

Sexy chat with blanca store 14th street

Dad always had homemade ice cream in the freezer at the station only for adults. The place was humiliation chat room major hangout for ballplayers. I got to wexy Don who roomed 2 houses behind the stations and Whitey Ford when he played for the Binghamton team. I have a brass "soda water" fire extinguisher made at The American La France in the 40"s - I still haven't figured out what do with it.

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See you then. I use to live 2 houses down from Lovell's next to Northside Community Church.

Us kids would go there for ice cream sodas every Saturday. My older bro use to work there.

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Or Sam's Bar and Grill where Gushes is now. How about Rosenbaum's on Water Street. Got my first trainer bra from them. And The Army Navy Store next to it?? Oh yeah. Can't forget the old Sears Store where Weis Markets sits now.

Love h10 - h10 lanzarote princess

Loved playing on the escalators. And Newberry's next to Iszard's. Love to have lunch there with my grandmom.

Family picnics at Eldridge Park were fun too. I could go on and write a book but don't want to do that.

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